Throughout the years Redilmat Services build up its knowledgeable expertise on:

  • Investment funds
  • International investors
  • Private and public customers

Its valuable know-how has made Redilmat Services the most suitable agent to address to for:

  • investments and income asset acquisitions for a new Real Estate development;
  • diagnostics and analysis on the current quality and stability of historical and ancient buildings;
  • legal management consulting;
  • best choice of qualified experts (architects, technicians, commercial traders) to look after any estate initiative of diverse final use;
  • best choice of operative partners as co-investors, generalcontractors, building enterprises, project managers, providers;
  • start of operative units based in Milan on behalf of the players who are interested in the Italian market;
  • energy efficiency and building sustainability;
redilmat services
redilmat services
redilmat services

Redilmat Services

via Paolo da Cannobio, 9 20122 Milano (MI) Italy


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